Web work marketing and keeping my eye on the prize = progress.

It’s been a great fulfilling week with lots of new work, for that I am grateful.

This week has been great, lots and lots of good, productive work building and enhancing both Ascendesign.io as a digital consulting firm, but also as a web design house. We’ve been working on an electronic makeover for a local weight loss clinic that includes a brand new digital look for their www, and also a new marketing campaign to help them scale in a way that makes sense.

Their website was one of the often advertised “build it yourself” sites that wasn’t working. Colors were wrong, fonts were wrong, layout was wrong, no call to action, no pop, and bad videos.

The first thing we did was to sit down and talk about goals and how, and what, we need to do to achieve them. This included new video collateral, new images, a new blog strategy that includes vlogging, setting up a new YouTube account, podcasting and a host of other things that have become “best practices” in the web 2.5 world. (I think we’re actually approaching 3.0, so maybe I should’ve gone with that…)

Once we figured out their digital strategy we began executing. This involves creating new videos for their website, including a great just under one minute piece that can be used for Facebook and Instagram social media advertising and in the call to action area on their new website.

We also started a few additional video projects for deeper content that double as a means of distribution for their new YouTube content.

I greatly enjoy the video production aspect, including story boarding, screen writing, and finally the actual on-set days recording the content. There will be plenty more of this in the days ahead.

Lastly I was able to get the framework done on a new WordPress based website that’s really coming along nicely; it’s very clean and modern and will integrate beautifully with their new digital strategy.

I will follow up in the days ahead with more news, and some links to final products once they are live.

In the meantime, if you’re company or business is in need of a digital makeover, please get in touch, I’d love to discuss how we can optimize your digital presence to create more leverage and opportunity for you.

Thanks for reading!