Podcast “Cover” Art

Just like book covers, and album covers a good podcast cover design can help sell a podcast upon first glance.  Just this morning I was browsing through iTunes looking for a good new listen, (see what I mean?) and this cover art for the Mental Illness Happy Hour really caught my eye.

The Mental Illness Happy Hour
Note that the full width banner has another take on the car. This is a great way to set it apart.

Whoever designed this did a knock out job.  The use of the color yellow is eye-catching, a bit unsettling, and interestingly is often used by restaurants because it is proven to make people hungry.  Maybe trying to make them hungry for knowledge?

The title font is clean and easy to read and I love the handwritten style of font for “with Paul Gilmartin” it gives it a little extra edge and a bit of a “note on the refrigerator” feel, total nostalgia!

The icing on the cake is the early-1970’s station wagon, it is baby boomers and older Gen-X’r eye candy, a great use of nostalgic imagery that draws the target market right to it.  Lastly the giant pill bottle strapped to the roof is a great, whimsical touch that adds levity and lets the listener know that the podcast has an element of fun.

Now, off to listen – thanks for reading!