Vintage Travel Posters

I have always loved vintage travel posters, the colors, vibrant font and amazing illustration make for a great graphic design.  I especially love the posters created during the 1930’s, they typically featured basic color schemes, which utilized primary colors, clean lines, great font and a “modern”, often art-deco look.

Let’s take a look at this great old Las Vegas poster.

It is simultaneously dark and bright, and conveys a message of nighttime activity.  The light beams draw you in and make you want to go find the action.  The color scheme is basic and highlights the great text at the top.  Heck, I’m ready to jump on a plane now!

I love looking back at these posters, thinking about all of the layout work that went into them, the hand painted images are amazing and still look great today.

As with all great designs, they remain timeless.